1.-Yesterday died of a bullet impact on the thorax Fabian Urbina, 17 years old, on the Francisco Fajardo Highway, in the middle of a violent protest called by the opposition. According to Interior Minister, Néstor Reverol, and Defense Minister, Vladimir Padrino López, the officers that would have been involved in the irregular fact are under investigation for disproportionate use of force.

2.- Before they inquisitorially say that I do not care about the young man’s death, I insist: Yes, it is condemnable for a GNB to fire a gun to disperse a demonstration that could take a person’s life.

3.- But what happened yesterday goes far beyond what the laws dictate as conduct that must be and will surely be sanctioned. The videos circulated by the networks on the fact are clear: 20 chamos (“our chamos”, says Juan Requesens) ultraviolent, endowed with sticks, stones and one with firearm (as seen in a video below) Against the GNB. The cases of Orlando Figuera and Carlos Ramirez, young people who were accused of being chavistas, were burned and lynched in Altamira, announcing the fate that would surely befall them if they were caught.

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”es”><p lang=”es” dir=”ltr”>4. Pero en el mismo video de <a href=”https://twitter.com/RCamachoVzla”>@RCamachoVzla</a&gt; se puede ver a un manifestante armado. Observe la secuencia <a href=”https://t.co/qJGkfVJOGv”>pic.twitter.com/qJGkfVJOGv</a></p>&mdash; Madelein Garcia (@madeleintlSUR) <a href=”https://twitter.com/madeleintlSUR/status/877159153504067584″>20 de junio de 2017</a></blockquote>

4.- Is it possible to put on the shoes for a moment of the young uniformed coming death come? Because that young man in uniform is also a human person, no matter how much the media insists on monstrificing him and dispatching him as a murderer and now.

5.- The truth is that the lethality of the situation showed that nothing would go well, end as it ended. The violence of the chamos scurrying on the GNB, even if the weapon was not triggered, would also end up producing a regrettable balance.

6.- Then one would have to ask: What discourse and what interests made such a situation? There is no sense in blaming Fabian and the other chamos at this point. Freddy Guevara, Julio Borges and other opposition leaders convinced them (by militancy or ticket) that their enemies are GNB and everything that smells of Chavismo. That it is permissible to kill, burn and lynch an equal, only by the color of a garment or a political idea.

7.- Fabian was another victim of this speech, the indigestion of hatred. Its lamentable death will fade in the short memory of the timeline of Twitter of these leaders, while serves to maintain the matrix of opinion of which the Government represses. As happened with Neomar Lander or Armando Cañizales, products of rapid expiration for the antichavista political agenda.

8.- A discourse that not only permanently creates existential enemies and murderers, but also thwart the lives of all, of the guards, demonstrators, who passes through a barricade on the way home. A state of peril and widespread fear where life is stalked. What leaders call “raising the pressure” has to do with that so delicate.

9.- The manipulation of the situation at the same time that only assaults in the fatal outcome, paints with fancy lines the bulk of what happened. None of those violent chamos in Altamira was doing a picnic or reciting poetry, they were not painting faces or doing a cultural activity. It was not that bad GNB arrived, instructed directly by Maduro (of course), to hunt and shoot them for sport, while they laughed and enjoyed the moment. Quite the opposite: chamos convinced that the only way out of “crisis” is violence (speech brand Freddy Guevara) set out to fulfill the task of fucking the GNB. They know that they will be supported, respected and recognized by their leaders. Who is then the intellectual author of what happened?

10.- Perhaps in such ugly times as the ones we live in, the truisms have more utility than a complex sentence. No, the government is not interested and does not help kill Fabian or any other opponent, either a marchist or a leader. No. It is not a plan or a decision taken by Maduro in a meeting with Diosdado and Tareck El Aissami. What happened only helps the opposition, its national and international agenda. So they have declared it themselves, so their tweets say calling “to march for the fallen.” If no one falls, then what is the reason for going?

11.- That was the reaction they sought from law enforcement: a limit situation that would lead to death, no matter what “side” is as long as that gap is imposed as lethal and existential for political conflict, as a way to solve it. Fabian and Neomar were impelled to die by an agenda that from the first call dressed them of victims, it constructed the coffin and it put price to its life. 80 thousand Bolivars say they pay to go to generate chaos and violence in the so-called “Resistance.” Then ask yourself again: who benefits from these deaths?


By Augusto Márquez

Source: Misión Verdad


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