Inés Esparragoza, mother of Orlando Figuera, who died after a group of opposition guarimberos beat him, stabbed him and set him on fire on May 20 in Plaza Altamira, called for justice “not only for my son, but for all The fallen in the guarimbas “.

During the concentration of Mothers for Peace and in rejection of the use of children and adolescents in terrorist actions, from the headquarters of the Public Ministry in Caracas, Esparragoza requested the attorney general of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Luisa Ortega Díaz , To “show your face and tell me what you have done in the case of my son and all the boys who have fallen into guarimbas.”
He said that so far he has not received “any kind of response and that’s what I want, an answer.”
He also demanded that the prosecutor “stop buying children and adolescents to be mafiosi and terrorists,” while clarifying that he asks for peace for all Venezuelans.
After almost three months of violent protests in Venezuela, the use of children in guarimbas has not yet been sanctioned by the Public Prosecutor’s Office (MP), for which Mothers for Peace and other citizens attribute it as a responsibility of the Prosecutor General to impute those crimes that are public and notorious.
On the other hand, she also urged the official to “work, and if not will make him let others fulfill their role,” so he asked for his resignation from the tax body.


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