The ultra-right Venezuelan deputy, Juan Requesens, confessed his desire to burn the Generalísimo Francisco de Miranda airbase, also known as “La Carlota”, at a time when extremist groups commanded by his leadership once again attacked the military base.

This happened in the afternoon of Saturday, June 24, the day chosen by the opposition leadership to concentrate on the Francisco Fajardo Freeway, at the level of the air base “La Carlota”, and to manifest by the death of David Vallenillla, a young man who died from a gunshot last June 22 when he was besieging the airbase with a group of clashes.

Audiovisual material shows the moment when Requesens, a member of the Pimero Justicia (PJ) party, negotiated with the violent encapuchaos to stop attacking the air base, arguing verbatim: “I want to burn that shit, too,” he said. “Today is not the day for that”.

Their arguments were not heard, moments later, violent extremists knocked down part of the security gate and abruptly entered the military compound; In the face of the threat, officials of the Bolivarian National Guard (BNG) dispersed the demonstrators who were concentrated there.

Meanwhile, Minister of Interior, Justice and Peace, Néstor Reverol, published a video where the vandals are observed to destroy part of the protective enclosure of the place, armed with stones and Molovtov bombs, and entering the place in a violent way.

La Carlota air base, also declared a National Security Zone in 2002, has been attacked more than 10 times by extremist groups convened and financed by the Bureau of Democratic Unity (MUD) in Venezuela, A situation difficult to see in other countries.


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